Hello!  I’m Alex also known as Hoglumps.

Here you’ll find my handmade items, hand dyed yarn as well as vintage items including sewing patterns and clothing.  I hope to share my love of making and inspire you along the way to create and have as much fun as I do.  We have a collection of new and vintage crafting supplies that I’ve found along the way which I use myself and think others would enjoy as well.

I’ve been collecting vintage sewing patterns and clothing for over ten years.  Yard sales, antique shops, estate sales, auctions, thrift stores… I can spend hours browsing to find the perfect item.  I love the idea of giving old things new life and think about the history behind the item as I work with it.

I learned to hand sew as a child in brownies and eventually I found the courage to try my moms electric sewing machine.  I loved to tear things apart at the seams and then put it back together again though it didn’t always turn out as good as the original!  Cutting up old clothes and creating small creatures as my favourite.

My interest in sewing and crafts brought me to Sheridan College in 2011 where I took the Textiles program. I learned about screen printing and dyeing fabric. During that time I had my work placement at Bookhou in Toronto.  Luckily after graduating I was able to work there as the studio assistant for almost 5 years.  I learned so much from Arounnna during this time and got significantly better at sewing.

Throughout my 5 years in Toronto I would sell my handmade items at holiday craft shows.  I’ve also had my kitty pouches for sale at a few shops in Toronto.

But where did the name Hoglumps come from? Well it came from my favourite movie, Shaun of the Dead. It’s just the name of a fake snack!