What the heck is Hoglumps?
Hoglumps is my creative outlet.
Screen printed goods and textiles, handmade in Canada.

What is Screen Printing?

Screen printing is a process used to make prints.
To make the screen an image or drawing is typically transferred to the tightly woven mesh screen using a photo emulsion. The image must be on a transparent paper (such as acetate or vellum) and the image must be solid black, no grey tones. You need to use light to transfer the image to your screen, like developing a photgraph. A screen coated in photo emulsion is placed on a light table with the transparent image sandwiched between the glass and the screen. The light then softens all ares of the image which are solid black, and hardens the areas that are transparent. The soften areas are then washed out with water. These washed out areas are where the ink you print with will come through. A squeegee is used to pull ink over the screen, pushing the ink through the open holes in the mesh screen on to your piece of paper or cloth. Now you can keep printing the same image over and over again with your screen!

Next Steps?

After I screen print each cat to fabric, it is left to dry for about 30 minutes. When the ink is dry to the touch the fabric needs to be heat set. Using a hot iron over the printed fabric to ensure the ink binds to the fabric so it does not wash off. If you are printing on to paper you don't need to do this step.
For making the cat pouches my next step is to cut out each piece of fabric according to a sewing pattern I designed. Once everything is cut, it's ready to be sewn on the machine. After sewing the pouch together the final step is to trim any loose threads and iron it one last time. Done! Now the pouch is ready to be used to hold all your treasures.

All the fabric is cut. In the progess of sewing things together.

The final product. A 3D functional item.

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